We are so excited to provide daily reviews and side by side reviews of baby, kids and mom products. The products that we review have been tested by Moms for Moms . We also provide side by side reviews, where we review similar products side by side, giving you a closer look at products that are similar. Each reviewed product will also have our star rating out of 5 stars, this rating is chosen by a review of the product’s price, ease of use and quality. Our reviews are tested, honest and from the mom’s perspective.

We are two Mom's that want people to understand the product and buy what is best for their families. We are baby obsessed and enjoy learning about new products. To say this is just a business wouldn't be fair, it is more of a passion for us.

Brooke has lived in Utah her whole life and loves living close to her family. She welcomed her first baby in November of 2014 and is an amazing Mom.

Hollie has been in Utah for the past ten years and finally calls it home. She has two children that keep her on her toes. She loves being a Mom and being able to be with them.