Adelisa & Co Leather Sandals

I love finding shoes that are gender neutral and have good quality leather that will last me through more then one season for my kids. Well with Adelisa and Co you don't have to pick just one thing, plus the price is great too!!

About: Handmade 100% Leather sandals.
Price: $21.00 each pair
Ease of Use: Comes with a strong sole and great metal clip. Made to hold up.
Looks: All come in trendy designs and cute fit. 
Found At: Online at
Quality: Amazing leather, quality that will last through multiple kids. 
Best Use: Great summer shoes for your little one.
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

1.  Handmade by artisans in Nicaragua.

2. They offer coupons and discount codes on their Instagram site.

3. 10% of their sales gets donated to Nicaragua families in need.

4, Love that the sandals can be used for Boys or Girls. 

5. Works for wide or thinner feet,

6. Working with the company was a breeze. They care about their product!

1.The appearance/look of the Masaya shoe changes with the size - so please reference the last picture to see the difference between the smaller and bigger sizes!