Valley Gal Design Bows Review

My little girl doesn't like to wear bows in her hair. She is always pulling them out and I have lost so many of them. Valley Gal Design's has amazing bows that my little girl will keep in her hair!!!  

Valley Gal Design 

About: Stylish hair bows headbands. Great price. 
Price: $6.50 to $9.00
Looks: Adorable!! Available in a lot of color and patterns - glitter, floral, striped, and solid prints. You can get a bow in almost any color you are looking for. 
Quality: Really soft and comfortable for your little one. Great quality. 
Best Use: From wearing them day to day to dressing up any outfit. 
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


1. Made in the U.S.

2. Material is soft and stretchy. Won't leave a mark on your babies head. Your little one won't even realize their wearing it.

3. The clips won't fall out of your babies hair.

4. Fast shipping. Right now there are free shipping for orders over $30.