These Hidden Gems Nursing Cover Review

I absolutely love the full coverage multi-purpose nursing covers. They make life easier and you have less stuff that you have to put in your diaper bag. 

These Hidden Gems Nursing Cover 

About: Lightweight, compact, full coverage nursing cover that can also be a carseat cover or shopping cart cover. This nursing cover is different from others that we have seen because there is a slit on the side which makes it easy to maneuver while still providing full coverage. 
Price: $30 CAD 
Ease of Use: The slit on the side makes it easy to put on. The slit not the side gives you optimal coverage while still  having a hand free to multitask.  
Looks: Available in 11 color options. They are all adorable!   
Found At: Online at 
Quality: The design is great! The material is lightweight and comfortable and looks great after multiple washes. 
Best Use:  To nurse comfortably and confidently no matter where you are! It's totally darling as a car seat cover or shopping cart cover too.
Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

1. "Covers for a cause" - 20% of every sale of a cover will be split and donated to Nica Child and Heartland Ministries.  Nica Child is an organization that provides children in Nicaragua with food, school supplies, clothes, etc.  Heartland Ministries is an organization that provides maternity care for mothers in Haiti.

2. Great price! Especially since 20% is going to a good cause!

3. Really lightweight and soft fabric.

4. I love the slit on the side! You have a free hand that is able to assist with nursing and/or getting your toddler a snack, eating yourself or checking instagram!

5. Multi-purpose! It works great for a nursing cover or car seat cover. I also used it as a blanket especially if I needed more room in my diaper bag.

6. Really comfortable and full-coverage! I can nurse comfortably with confidence that I am covered up.


1. I tried the cover in the Songbird material. I loved the cover but this particular color option is slightly see through. I felt like people couldn't see my bare skin but if you are worried about that, I would recommend getting a different material.

2. Just keep in mind -  Shipping takes a little longer. After the order is received, it will be  take 5 business days to ship the order and it is shipped with 3-5 day shipping via USPS. Rush option is available if you need it quicker - it will be shipped within 1 day of receipt of the order so you should receive it just under one week.