TheBangleBear Review

As a busy mom of 3 girls and one newborn boy, I am always on the go... and always need a hair tie. Almost every time I am out with my kids, my hair is driving me crazy and I want it out of my face, or one of my girls decide they want their hair up like their sisters. I first saw hair tie bracelets and knew I needed one, but some were a little expensive. TheBangleBear is an Etsy shop that carries affordable hair tie bracelets. 


About: Affordable stainless steel or plated metal hair tie bracelets. bangles that are designed to 
Price: $12.50 for each plated metal bangle or $20 for each stainless steel bangle 
Ease of Use: Easy to put on and easy to adjust the size. 
Looks: Available in gold, silver or rose gold. Each color looks great with a black hair tie. 
Quality: Durable and mine still look great after wearing them everyday. 
Best Use: Always having a hair tie with you while looking fashionable.
Our Rating:  5 out of 5 stars 


1. You can always have a hair tie with you.

2. Super cute bracelet. You can't even tell that it is a hair tie in the middle of the bracelet.

3. Great for pictures!

4. Fits children and adults. The bracelet adjust to any size

5. Can be dressed up and down.

6. I loved mixing different color of bracelets with each other. They all look so well together.

7. Sturdy and made to last.


1. The hair elastic will sometimes come out of the groove especially if I am moving around a lot, but it is really easy to slip back into place.