Meg's Place Review

Meg's Place Flower Crowns 

About: Handmade felt floral crowns, headbands and bows. Floral Crowns are available in sizes newborns to adult.
Price: $4.00 to $24.00 
Looks: Available in cute color combinations. The Bows come in a lot of solid color options.  
Found At: Online at 
Quality: Great quality felt. The felt is securely attached to the headbands. 
Best Use: The Flower Crowns are perfect for special occasions - Perfect for all of the weddings coming up this summer! 
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


1. Great price, especially the felt bow clips ($4) and headbands ($6).

2. Available in different sizes. The crowns even go up to adult size.

3. The Flower Crown is the perfect accessory for special occasions and you could even match your little one.

4. The felt used for all of Meg's Place products is good quality and will last while still looking great.

5. Adorable color combinations! 


1. The crowns are big and my youngest daughter wouldn't keep in on her head for very long. Luckily long enough to get some good pictures.