Second Stitch to the Right - Dolly Blanket Review

So now days it's harder and harder to find those items you can pass through child to child  through generations. But with this beautiful dolly quilt not only will your little lady love having something special for her doll but she can also have a special blanket for her. Plus the stylish color and patterns makes it even better.  

About: This triangle quilt is so gorgeous! "The Ellie" is handcrafted with hues of Coral, Mustard, Light Grey, White and a Black & White petite polka dot all 100% cotton quilting grade fabric. The backing is of the same solid coral hue in the quilt and the binding is of the same black & white petite polka dot fabric. I use Warm & Natural or Warm & White Batting depending on the needs of the quilt.
Price: $69.00
Ease of Use: Washes great, my daughter not only drags it with her for her doll but requires it to be with her all the time. So it gets dirty quickly but cleans up easily. 
Looks: Stylish colors and patterns. Dolly size - 18" x 24"
Found At: Online at
Quality: Sturdy, and the sitching is incredibly strong. Can be a piece you pass down from child to child. Even a generational piece for years to come. 
Best Use: Using for your child's dolly or a special snuggle blanket for your baby.
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

1. A sturdy cute quilt for your child's dolly. 

2. Made to last, durable. 

3. Easy to clean and wash. 

4. The cute patterns and stylish patterns are amazing. 

5. Working with Second Stich to the Right was smooth and easy. 

1. 4-6 week production time. Totally worth the wait though!!