Promptly Journal Review

Shortly after having my first child, I thought that I would never forget her birth stats or time she was born or the first time she smiled. But as time went on I did forgot some of those precious moments. I have never been very good at journaling but I realized it is so important especially after having a baby. Promptly Journals is amazing! It is the perfect solution for keeping track of your babies life.

Promptly Journals

About: The perfect journal to capture your child's complete history from your pregnancy until your child is 18 years old.
Price: $29.99 each. Buy two and get the third 1/2 off with the code 3PACK 
Ease of Use: This is an easy way to document your child's life. There are pages for you to document your pregnancy, pages for each month for the first year of your babies life and then pages for each birthday until they are 18 years old. Each section has places to document your child's favorite things and then it has questions that help prompt you with what to say. There are also places to add pictures at each age.
Looks: Available in 3 colors - grey, sand and ochre
Found At: Online at 
Quality: Great quality and sturdy. It will last to give to your kids when you are done.  
Best Use: Documenting your babies life from our pregnancy to their 18th birthday.
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


1. I absolutely love the layout of this journal! It is perfect to capture the complete history of your child.

2. The questions make it really easy. No more intimidating empty pages!

3. This it a must have for all moms! Perfect shower gift!

1. I love that it has places to put in pictures but I glued in the first few pictures and I didn't like how that turned out. Then I used some scrapbooking tape and it turned out really cute.