Freshh Wave Odor Removing Products Review

There are so many smells that come with motherhood. From dirty diapers to spit up from your baby to smelly feet from the older kids. For the first few weeks after my baby started eating solids, I couldn't get her room to smell fresh no matter how often or well I would clean her room. Then I found the Fresh Wave Fresh Pod and put it on the diaper pail and the room was back to smelling fresh.

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Products

About: Natural odor removing products that really works! Non-toxic and non-hazardous. All of these odor removing products are safe for people and pets.
Price: 8oz Odor Removing Spray $7.99; 7oz Odor Removing Gel $8.99; Odor Removing Pack (6 in a package) $9.99; Fresh Pod $5.99; Candle $14.99; Laundry Booster $9.99. Each product is also available in larger sizes and/or Multipacks
Ease of Use: Fresh Wave does all of the work! All you have to do is stick the Fresh Pod in your smelly garbage can, or place a pack underneath your child's car seat and it takes all of the smell away! And it does it fast!
Looks: Fresh Wave products are available as a spray, gel, fresh pods and laundry booster.
Found At: Online at or at stores like Target and  Bed Bath & Beyond.
Quality: Amazing! This stuff works and almost instantly for most smells.
Best Use: Removing odor from any area!
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

1. Love the fact that I could throw the odor pod into my Mom van and take the awful smell away. We all know that stinky milk, stinky feet smell that tends to linger no matter what.

2. The odor packs are amazing for any sports bag.

3. I always throw a packet into my child's stinky lunch box, when not in use.

4. Packets are great for diaper bags when you need a quick refresh.

5. The fresh pod was great for my stinky garbage and diaper pail. 

6. The odor packs are great for any stinky shoes. Umm I may need like a 100 pack.

7. If your laundry machine smells like mildew set a odor pack inside the laundry machine. Take out when your ready to use the washer.

8. Sometimes your couch, pillows, or car seats need a quick refresh the spray is fantastic for that.



1. Keep out of reach of children. Don't remove the gel from the packs and make sure your little one doesn't eat it.