Flickola Baby Suitcase Reveiw

I love giving baby gifts that are unique and personal for the soon to be Mom and baby.  You know you have been to a baby shower and the Mother to be gets multiple sets of the same things. With Flickola you are guaranteed to have a great gift that no one else thought of. Plus Flickola has the best items in every suitcase.

About: Flickola provides unique and cute newborn gift boxes. The products in each box are great and the packaging is personalized. The packaging of the boxes resemble a suitcase and it is personalized to represent the birth of your baby. Here are the different box options:
Petite Suitcase includes 3 items
Basic Suitcase includes cotton onesie, fleece bunny, organic newborn diapers, and organic diaper rash cream
Essential Suitcase includes cotton onesie, alcohol free hand sanitizer, cotton leggings, newborn pacifier, cotton/minky burpcloth, 4 organic cotton newborn diapers, cotton blanket, newborn cotton slippers, and cotton scratch mittens
It's Time for Baby Suitcase includes mama and baby cotton slippers, cotton swaddle and hat, Pacifier, cotton scratch mittens, cotton/minky burp cloth, and organic lip balm for mom
Delux Suitcase includes a fleece bunny, cotton blanket, 4 organic newborn diapers, cotton onesie and leggings, newborn cotton slippers, organic bamboo terry bib, cotton/minky burp cloth, organic diaper rash cream and cotton swaddle and hat.
Price: Petite Suitcase $28; Basic Suitcase $30.50; Essential Suitcase $59, It's time for Baby Suitcase $86; and Deluxe Suitcase $116
Ease of Use: Flickola has done all of the work for you to have the perfect baby shower gift that is cute and personalized.
Looks: The packaging is amazing! It is personalized for your baby and can be used for keepsake box later.
Found At: Online at http://flickola.com/shop/
Quality: Each product in the suitcase is great quality.
Best Use: Unique and special baby gift that any new mom would love!
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

1. It comes all pre-wrapped and ready to gift.

2. The boxes are unique and are quality products.

3. Their are products that Mom's will actually use.

4. You can guarantee that your Mom to be won't be returning your gift.

5. The wrapping is adorable.

6. My kids love carrying around the little suitcase around.

7. Makes for a great centerpiece for any baby shower.

1. The fact that you will want one for yourself too! Just plan on ordering one for yourself.