Copper and Pearl - Nursing Cover Review

I am obsessed with "smart" things  (No, I don't mean phones) and am always on the hunt for products that provide innovative solutions to challenges, especially when it comes to my babies & things that make momma-life simpler, cleaner or less of a hassle. I couldn't wait to try the Copper and Pearl multi-use nursing cover, and only a few minutes into my first use I was in love. I've taken it everywhere since, landing it a place among my all-time favorite baby items!

For the sometimes very clumsy momma-baby dance that is breastfeeding, the Copper and Pearl multi-use nursing cover delivers full coverage & convenience where others may fall short. Its my new favorite "smart-momma" product!

About: Lightweight, compact, full coverage nursing cover with 2 different wearing options. Can be used as a car seat cover and an infinity scarf too!
Price: $24.99
Ease of use: Easy Peasy! Slip it over your head and you are ready to discretely breastfeed anytime, anywhere!
Looks: Super cute. It comes in several fun and versatile prints.
Found at: Online at
Quality: Well made. Soft fabric, secure stitching, finished edges. Easy care. (Machine wash, tumble dry)
Best use: To nurse comfortably and confidently no matter where you are! (It's totally darling as a car seat cover too.)
Our rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Why we like it:

1. Truly full coverage! No more bare back or midsection concerns when nursing in less than ideal circumstances. 

2. Lightweight fabric with plenty of stretch makes using it convenient and comfortable for momma & baby.

3. It definitely has that smart-momma appeal that I love. A multi-use product that really can be used for everything it claims to do!

4. It's super cute. Let's face it, 

modern mommas thrive on cuteness!