Batz Kids - Milestone Blanket

Your little one is turning 1 month and your sad and happy all at the same time. It's your babies first Christmas and of course we all want to document this in a photo. Well you can remember both things by a picture with the Milestone blankets. Makes for an adorable picture but also great for swaddling too. 

About: Monthly Milestone Blankets are the perfect option for you and your little one as they continue to grow through the year! Each blanket is marked with numbers 1-12, so you can high light which age they are each month throughout the year. As you lay your little one on the blanket, it shows their size in comparison to the numbers, so you can see how they grow each month as you take their picture.
Price: $33.00 for one or $55.00 for two 
Ease of Use: Can be thrown into your everyday wash. 
Looks: These adorable Milestone Blankets come in white with back writing. The simplicity is just perfect. 
Found At: Online at
Quality: Soft Cotton bamboo, soft but holds up great. 
Best Use: Not only it can be used for adorable documentation photos but it can also be used for swaddling your adorable baby. 
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

1. Gets softer and softer with each wash. 

2. Such a great way to display your little one with each holidays. 

3. Love documenting each month of your little ones life. 

4. The company is fantastic!! They love their company and believe in their product. 

5. Great to even swaddle with! Great sleep and adorable pictures!! 

1. Production time is 2 weeks out. But 100% worth the wait.