Washed - laundry service

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Do you ever get that overwhelming feeling when doing laundry? Have you just had a baby and your last thought is I can't wait to do laundry? Well this is where Washed comes in so handy. You literally just leave it on your front porch and they take care of the rest. Yes, your laundry won't sit in buckets getting all wrinkly after you wash them. Washed is such a great options for baby shower gifts to a Mother's Day gift. Your possibility are endless with Washed. 

About: Washed picks up your laundry and has your laundry returned to you, washed, board folded, and shrink wrapped within 48 hours. 
Price: One Time Pricing: $1.50 per pound

Weekly Pricing: $35 per Washed Laundry Bag (approximate 30 pounds) Ease of Use: I don't think words can explain how easy this service is. You put your laundry on your doorstep and Washed picks it up for you and returns it clean and folded.                           Looks: Comes all shrinked wrapped and board folded. Yes my heart skipped a beat when I saw it.                                         Found At: Online at https://itswashed.com/                Quality: Laundry is well taken care of. They follow any instructions you leave for them. My clothes came back looking even better then what I sent them out. Best Use: When your laundry becomes more work then you have time for!      Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

1. Washed's website is easy to navigate to get sign up and ready to go. 

2. Great customer service, if they are behind or something gets left behind I always got an email updating me about everything. 

3. Loved that if I need an article of clothing cleaned a certain way all I had to do was make a note of it for Washed and they followed all my instructions. 

4. Literally all my socks where matched together!! I don't think my family has seen that in years!! Usually I throw them in a bucket. 

5. Even my kids pants and shirts with big stains on them came back clean. 

6. They even do dry cleaning! Hey Mom's no need to take all that time to iron your hubbies work shirts!! 

7. Literally best gift for a new Mom!! Umm, yes we don't want another blanket or swaddle!!! Laundry service needs to be on every gift register. 

1. Not being able to smell moldy mildew smell on my clothes, OH WAIT just kidding I am not sad that my clothes smelling normal!!