Top Five Trending Items for the New Mama

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With so many baby products on the market now days it's nice to know which ones actually work and which ones aren't worth your time. These top 5 trending items are worth all the rage. Making sleeping to breastfeed the two top hardest things with new babies easy. 

1. Pathway Pack by Petunia Pickle Bottom $159.00 - This stylish yet functional backpack is the bee's knees. It not only keeps Mom organized it is comfortable to wear from cross body to backpack. Some backpacks clips rub into your skin by your armpits. Petunia literally has thought of everything. From being cute to its function. Easy to clean and made for Dad's too. 

2. Owlet $249.99 - We all have been there, creeping into your babies room to make sure they are still breathing. The worst is when your baby is still asleep but you can't sleep because your worried about your little one. With the Owlet you don't have to worry about any of that. The Owlet Vitals Monitor stays up all night so you don’t have to. You can rest easy at night since the Owlet monitor will alert you when your baby’s oxygen level and or heart rate drop below normal allowing you enough time to get the help you need. 

3. Little Unicorn Swaddles $16.00 - Both of my children loved to be Swaddled. If I could I would swaddle them till their 18! We have over 5 at our house because after being Swaddled in their Little Unicorn for so long they become their "special" blankets. Not only do you get the most adorable patterns they are as soft as can be and countine to get softer with each wash. Plus the size and light weight Muslim is perfect for babies. Not only is the price easy on any budget but I love how well they hold up. They will work for multiple children and last years. 

4. DockATot $185 - $290 - I have this secret love affair with DockATot If I could, I would make one in my size. My little baby has never slept better. After 3 months of waking up every two hours, we ordered the DockATot. My child has never slept better. The DockATot goes with us to friends houses, parks, camping and in the crib every night. It makes for a secure sleep like they had in the womb. DockATot has created the ideal safe and comfy spot for your baby.  Whether it’s time to rest, lounge, play, cuddle, do tummy time, or get a diaper changed. Plus, it’s lightweight, portable, and easy to travel with. 

5. Covered Goods $34.99 - I am that mother that loves breastfeeding. I have no problems nursing in public but the downside is I have to be covered, yes even my back (I am not that awesome). So when covered goods came out with a functional nursing cover, car seat cover, grocery cart cover and scarf it was an answer to my solution to much baby stuff in my diaper bag. Not only does this product work amazing it looks cute in the process.