The NuRoo Pocket Reveiw

Skin-to-Skin contact is beneficial for both mom and baby. For babies, skin-to-skin: accelerates brain development; is soothing; regulates their body temperature; improves their quality of sleep; stimulates digestion; synchronized their heart rate and breathing with mom; and encourages breastfeeding. For moms, skin-to-skin: can reduce the risk of postpartum depression; increases milk supply; and decreases recovery time. We found a great baby carrier that is perfect for skin-to-skin.

NuRoo Pocket

About: A baby carrier and a shirt. You can have skin-to-skin contact with your baby while still being able to move around. There is a Comes with a support belt to be worn if you are standing.
Price: $59.99
Ease of Use: Really easy to get on and easy to get your baby out.
Looks: Simple design. Available in a black short-sleeve and a teal 3/4 length sleeve.
Found At: Buybuy Baby and Online at 
Quality: The fabric is so comfortable and soft. It is breathable and I didn't get too hot. This shirt is also really flattering.
Best Use: Skin-to-skin contact with your baby.
Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


1. I love wearing my baby in the NuRoo Pocket. It is so comfortable for me and my baby.

2. You can also use this shirt for maternity wear and breastfeeding. It provides great coverage everywhere - which is perfect for postpartum wear.

3. Easy to get your baby out.

4. There is a slit so that you can access your babies foot while using the Nuroo Pocket. I used this when my baby was getting shots and it kept her so calm.  


1. May not be comfortable for older babies. I tried this with my five month old nephew and I felt he was too big for it. He was not comfortable because he wasn't able to move very easily.

2. The velcro closures will snag other fabric, so be careful what other fabric items you have around when it is not closed.