Tallulah and Gray - Necklace Review

I have always loved the little initial necklaces for my children but found that everyone has that same necklace. Love that my little's are always around my neck and no one will have one like me (all fingerprints are unique). Plus the process is easy to make the necklace and send back. 

About: A moldable clay fingerprint making kit will be shipped to you. It has been tested and specifically made to be 100% non toxic and safe for use with babies, children, pets and adults. It will include everything you need to make your own fingerprint molds including instructions and a self-addressed mailer bag to return your molds to Tallulah.
Price: $45.00 - $70.00
Ease of Use: I would test a little bit of clay mixed together before you make an actually one. Like the instructions say the clay sets very quickly once mixed together. This kit ships on the very next shipping day. There will be no need to wait long for your kit to arrive. Once it does, you can get started making your print and ship it back as soon as they are complete. Once they have your prints back, production time will begin. 
Looks: I melt every time I see my little ones tiny fingerprints. Clean and a perfect circle. 
Found At: Online at http://www.tallulahandgray.com/
Quality: Coated with silver or gold. Sturdy made to last and always have that special memory on your neck. 
Best Use: Capturing your children's fingerprint that will last forever. 
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

1. Always having this special fingerprint on your neck. 

2. You can even do your dog's snot. You know everyone has that special pet. 

3. Original Mother's Day gift! 

4. Being the cool mom with the gorgeous thoughtful necklace on her neck. 

5. Being the awesome Husband that have your wife this thoughtful gift. 

6. Even if you have one to twenty kids this necklace is for you. 

7. Working with this company was amazing. They are easy to work with and answered every question I had!! I felt so involved in the process. 

1. This kit works best for children 2 yrs or older. Younger children may have finer detailed fingerprints and often a thumb print works best. Children under two- their "fingerprints" look more like a finger-indent, but still sweet and very precious. I used this on my one year old it worked for her but diffently not as defined as my 7 year old.