Rad Revolution Kids - Romper Review

I find myself with this internal battle on what my child wears. I want her to be comfortable but yet I want her to look cute doing it. So when Rad Revolution came up with the stylish/comfortable Romper I feel like my answer was solved. 

About: A great stylish one peice outfit.
Price: $32.00 a Romper, $4.00 add a pocket. 
Ease of Use: Machine washable. When drying use low heat or for best results lay flat to dry. 
Looks: Comes in solids or patterns. Super stylish without compromising comfort. 
Found At: Online at http://radrevolutionkids.com/
Quality: The fabric is crazy soft, but the durability is still super strong. 
Best Use: Great park outfit or everyday use. Can dress it up or down. 
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

1. One peice outfit makes getting dressed super easy. Slips on easy and stays on. 

2. You can easily roll up the pant legs to make them shorter.

3. The Romper accommodates all shapes and sizes.  

4. Accommodates summer and winter wear. Your able to put a shirt underneathe for winter. For summer wear it alone and role up the pant leg. 

5. Love that my child's back if thighs are covered for hot slides at the park. No more burning those legs. 

1. The fact that they don't make one in my size.