Persnickety - fancy little frocks Review

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When looking for a child's dress it can be hard to find a dress not only for play but for fancier occasions too. This is where I love Persnickety prints. They work for the everyday Tom boy to the girlest girls!! You won't be disappointed in whatever you pick. 

About: A children's line of clothing made for the fanciest girls to the most simple. 
Price: $10.00 - $140.00
Ease of Use: Fits true to size. Washes up great made to last. 
Looks: Stylish children's clothing for play or for dressing up. 
Quality: Sturdy enough to be used for everyday play clothes but nice enough to be used for church or Easter Day. 
Best Use:
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

1.  Persnickety Clothing Company had Our Buying Is Giving program allows them to do just that. Every time an item of Persnickety clothing is purchased, we share a portion of the proceeds with children in need.

2. My daughter is age 7 and beginning to grow up of girly things. I am sure her whole closet consist of excersise clothing. So nice to have her wear Persnickety Clothing and look like a girl again. And I don't have to fight her to put it on. 

3. Once your little one grows out of her dress it works as a shirt or a mini. Add some cute leggings or pants and it will work with your little one for another year.  

4. Can pass through multiple children. Made to last. 

5. Working with Persnickety Clothing was a breeze. Great people and great company to buy from. 

1. The price is a little more then your average dress (but totally worth it)