Hush Hat - Review

I have four children and let's just say my littlest child age 22 months gets naps in between school and kid activities. So when the other kids are hoping in and out of the car and being loud the Hush Hat makes it possible for her to sleep in between all the hussle of after school rush. 

About: The Hush Hat is crafted with medical grade sound-absorbing foam and ultra-soft materials, each Hush Hat not only reduces noise, but is incredibly comfortable. Rather Than completely blocking out all noise, the Hust Hat simply filters noise levels that are dangerous to your baby's developing ears. Helping ease the transition into the loud world we live in.
Price: $29.95
Ease of Use: Easy to slip on or off without waking your child. 
Looks: Comes in great solid colors. 
Found At: Online at
Quality: Soft, yet durable material. Stretches with your child but doesn't over stretch. 
Best Use: Making nap time, carpools, doorbells, dogs barking, and everyday things better!! 
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

1. You may think the hat will create a dependancy for your child, but the hat doesn't block all noise out it just softens the loud, harsh sounds. The Hush Hat mimics how babies precive sound in the womb. 

2. Make car rides and loud car pool rides sleepable for your little one. 

3. Road trips are made easier!!! 

4. My hubby loves the demolition duty, fire works, and loud concerts. Yes he tends to like loud sounds. But the hash hat worked perfect for these events. 

5. Doesn't take up hardly an room. Fits in my diaper bag perfectly not like a pair of head phones. 

1. The fact this soft hat doesn't come in my size so I can block out the kids during carpool.