Hello Bliss Box - Review

As Mother's who has time to pamper and run to the store for ourselves anymore? So when Bliss Box came in the mail it was so nice for something to arrive for me and made me feel beautiful and special all at the same time. A must for a Mother's Day gift or that new Mom in your life. 

About: A box filled with different products from different companies sent to you each month
Price: $29.95 a month. 
Ease of use: It's super simple and fun
Looks: Cane in a clean package all layered and presented beautifully.  
Found at: Online at http://www.helloblissbox.com/
Quality: Everything that came in the box was great quality. From using the lotion to eating the yummy oats. 
Best Use: This is a great gift for you or a new Mom you want to pamper. Pretty much any excuse to get the Bliss Box is ok with me. 
Star Raiting: 5 out of 5 stars 

Why we like it
1. For those of us who are stay home moms, or just mom's. We don't get a lot of time for ourselves, so having this box come in the mail is something to look forward too and nourish ourselves with.

2: Everything in the box was true to the quality and description.

3: It is cost effective to buy the bliss box, but you don't know what you'll get each month that being said it was a lot of fun getting the blissbox. I love the unknown and surprise of opening the box. 

4: Working with the company was great and easy. They really believe in their product.