Globe Totters - Block review

You know for me I want my children to have toys but I hate the fact that all the toys are plastic and overly loud. With Globe Totters you don't have to compromise your children's toy at all. They make the perfect jingle sound and wash up great. And not only are the adorable they also can function as a design element in any room. 

About: Take your tot on a fun filled organic journey to a city of your picking.  Your tots will love the original and vibrant art.
Price: $25.00 - $45.00
Ease of Use: Machine wash delicate/gentle setting using phosphate-free detergent.  Light tumble dry low
Looks: Stylish and colorful artwork. 
Found At: Online at
Quality: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.  Produced with non-toxic water based inks (safest for chewing).  Globe Totter's eco blocks are educational, stimulating and fun!
Best Use: Engaging your child with a toy that will help learn. 
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

Why we like it:
1. 100% handmade in Brooklyn New York.

2. Not only are they fun to play with but they look amazing in any nursery. 

3. I love the idea of buying a block every time you visit a place. That way those adorable blocks have meaning too.

4. It's been fun teaching my little one about a certain state. 

5. Durable and strong. You will be able to pass through multiple children.  

6. Works well to teach hand eye coordination.

7. Love that it can squish and fit into any diaper bag. 

8. Perfect for church or any event you need them to be quieter at. 

9. So simple, but I love that it's not rounded and can't roll away from them. No more baby throws and we play fetch.