Everyday Happy - Diaper Care kit Review

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Does anyone every feel like you are at the grocery store at 10pm grabbing whatever diapers you can find because you ran out? Well the best part of Everyday Happy is they are shipped to you and you don't have to worry about running out or running to the store and buying a off brand that doesn't work well. And the icing on the cake is they send Complimentry wipes with your monthly order!! 

About: Made with SFI-certified wood pulp from sustainably managed USA forests, EverydayHappy Diapers are elemental chlorine-free, so they prevent harmful dioxin formation. Meanwhile, our ultra absorbent hybrid core wicks moisture away for ultimate comfort. We keep it all together with super strong reusable grip tape and double leak guards.
Price: $79.95 - 312 diapers 
Ease of Use: Sizes from newborn to size 6, with contoured waist and legs for a trim fit.
Looks: Comes in a gender neutral white with green dots. 
Found At: Online at Everyday happy
Quality: Strong, reusable tabs with a stretchy waistband for a non-constricting, dependable fit.
Best Use: Keeping your little one dry and leak free.
Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 

1. Super-absorbent polymer layer lets your baby’s skin breathe.

2. Harvested from sustainably managed USA forests, our absorbent wood pulp is elemental chlorine-free, preventing harmful dioxin formation.

3. I found doing potty training was easier with these diapers. My little one could feel the wet more. 

4. Cruelty free. 

5. Loved that they held the wettest diaper. Saggy bottoms and no leaks. 

1. Since my child could feel the wet easier I found she woke up more because she was wet. But once she got use to that it didn't bug her after a couple of weeks. 

About: Unlike your little one's bottom, EverydayHappy Bamboo Baby Wipes don't mess around! Infused with aloe vera, vitamin E and cucumber extract, they won't dry out delicate skin. Strong and flexible, our natural wipes make 3AM diaper changes a little happier.
Price: Complimentry with diaper order. 
Ease of Use: With aloe vera and vitamin E, our wipes stay wet and won’t dry your baby’s skin.
Looks: Made with easy-to-use, travel-friendly packaging. Nothing to big or heavy to carry in your diaper bag. 
Found At: Online at https://store.everydayhappy.com/
Quality: Stretchy and flexible to prevent tearing. Literally, I am ocd about this so happy they don't tear. 
Best Use: From cleaning your little ones bum to their face and if your me then wiping the walls too!!
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

1. A soft, biodegradable and renewable resource.

2. Unscented and free of skin-irritating fragrances. This is huge for me especially when your putting it in your kitten one face, bum and hands. 

3. They don't tear! 

4. Soft on your little one! 

1. Needing a package in the nursery, kitchen, car and my diaper bag. I am an addict.