The NuRoo Nursing Scarf Reveiw

I was at a playdate with some friends at a park and I saw this cute pregnant mom with this adorable herringbone scarf... I had to know where she got it. She was wearing the NuRoo nursing scarf and it looked really fashionable. She had some of the buttons undone so it draped more over her shoulder. After I found it, I had to try it out and I am glad I did!

About: Nursing scarf made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. The fabric is wrinkle free and always look great. There are snaps down one side so that you can wear the scarf in a lot of different ways.
Price: $29.99
Ease of Use: Easy to transition from the different style and coverage options.
Looks: Available in 5 neutral colors: 1) gray/ivory stipe; 2) navy; 3) reversible burgundy, one side solid and the reverse side is burg stripe; 4) heather gray; and 5) herringbone.
Quality: The fabric is really soft and breathable. The snaps hold well. Machine wash cold and tumble dry low. Looks great after multiple washes.
Best Use: Keep covered while nursing
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

1. The NuRoo nursing scarf is so versatile! I love that there are so many options for nursing covers out there and this one is the most versatile I have seen. You can wear this scarf to cover you and your baby almost anyway. Check out the different ways to wear the NuRoo as a nursing cover here. I found that the Tunic and Backdrop were the most comfortable for me to use while nursing.

2. I love that you don't have to carry the nursing scarf in your diaper bag.

3. The fabric is really comfortable. It is soft and breathable. I didn't get too hot while nursing.

4. I also used it for the blanket if I was packing light or forgot one. All you have to do is unsnap all of the snaps and it is the perfect size to cover your baby.

5. It is a really cute scarf...even when you are not nursing.


1. The snaps make its very versatile however, they can be a little hard to get snapped if I am in a hurry.