Soother Sidekick Review

My biggest complaint about pacifier clips has always been that the pacifier will drag on the floor when in your baby's mouth. We have found the solution...."Retractable Soother Clip" by Soother Sidekicks.  This product is genius and isn't like anything on the market that we have seen.

Soother Sidekicks

About: A retractable pacifier clip. When retracted it is 3 inches long and it stretches out to 8 inches. The pull is barely noticeable by your baby while in use. Made with moisture wicking, stain resistance fabric.  
Price: $14.99
Ease of Use: Easy to use. The clip is a great size for easy attachment. Hand wash with a mild detergent and stretch out to dry.
Looks: Available in 5 fabric options
Found At: Online at
Quality: Great quality fabric, it is a thin knit moisture-wicking athletic fabric. Washes well and doesn't stain.
Best Use: Keeping the binky close. Especially great when your baby starts crawling.
Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars


1. It's retractable and keeps the binky and binky clip from dragging on the ground. Keeps everything cleaner! Amazing!!

2. I love the fabric, it is soft and durable.

3. The loop is thin and will attach to any pacifier.

4. The clip is easy to use and is a great size to attached to any of your baby's cloths.

1. The clip is plastic and was easier for my baby to remove the clip from her than other metal pacifier clips. 

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