Nuroo Swaddle Review

My daughter LOVED to be swaddled for almost the first year of her life. She grew out of a few of her first swaddles but not the NuRoo. The NuRoo Swaddler grew with her...Amazing!

NuRoo Swaddler
About: 3 sizes in 1 swaddle! There are two interior pockets and when your baby grows out of the larger interior pocket, just remove the seam and the length extends. Made to fit from birth until your baby rolls. The Size 1 pocket fits up to  18", Size 2 pocket is 24" and with the seam removed it is 28". Approved to fit preterm babies.
Price: $24.99
Ease of Use: Easy to use. The swaddle is connected across your baby with Velcro.
Looks: Comes in 9 different colors and prints. 
Quality: The fabric is great quality and really soft! The Velcro is really secure and easy to use.
Best Use: Safely swaddling your baby while they sleep!
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


1. I {LOVE} that the swaddle grows with my baby and that there isn't excess material when my baby is in the smaller sizes. I felt reassured when I would swaddle my baby in the NuRoo because I knew there wasn't any fabric that could suffocate her.

2.The fabric is sooooo soft, breathable and moisture wicking to prevent from overheating during the warm months. It is also great for the colder months, I just dressed my baby in warmer pajamas. It is perfect all year round. The fabric doesn't snag on the Velcro and the fabric kept its color after multiple washes. I used my NuRoo almost every night for months and it is still in great shape.

3. It is the perfect fit! The Velcro secures tightly and keeps your baby swaddled all night.

4. NuRoo is an amazing company and great to work with! 

5. After my baby outgrew swaddling, I connected the Swaddler around my baby's chest so her arms were out. This worked great keeping my baby covered when she kicked off her blankets.


1. You have to cut the seam to extent to the size 3 pocket. Once it is cut the seam it can't go back to the smaller pocket sizes. This product is great quality and would definitely work for my next child but I won't be able to use it until she is a little bigger.