Loopty Sloop Creative - Bow tie review

Loopty Sloop Creative 

About: Handmade leather Bow Tie. Flat, durable, leather bow tie for your little guy. Bow tie is attached to an adjustable blue or green strap with a clip enclosure. Stamp it with his name, initials, or monogram. 
Price: $25.00 each 
Ease of Use: Has a great grip so your little one isn't loosing it any where. Easy to clip on and off. 
Looks: Each bow tie is cut out by hand, so the color/curvature/middle leather may vary just a tad from the listed photo.
Found At: Online and Etsy 
Quality: Sturdy, Strong, and made to last.  
Best Use: These bowties are perfect for Church, Wedding season, family photos, etc
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

1. Love that you can put your child's initials on the bow tie. 

2. The bow is so cute!! It always look great because the stiff leather. 

3. The clip is so easy to use and keeps the bow tie on your little one. 

4. This is a perfect gift especially when personalized. 

1. It's leather so it scratches like any leather. 

2. It's a little larger so I would say it fits better for 2 years plus.