Kortnii Jeane - Swimsuit Review

For me finding a swimsuit (a good swimsuit) is very important. My children live in these swimsuits all summer. So a swimsuit that holds up and makes my summer a little bit easier is always a huge plus. Come check out our review of Kortni Jeane. 

For Mom and baby with unlimited options to mix n' match you can create a suit that is perfect for you and your body type! 
Price: Mini's $17.50 per top and bottom 
Women's tops - $62.95 - $69.99 
Women's bottoms -  $28.65 - $36.65
Ease of Use: Easy to put on and wash. 
Looks: Comes in so many options. Patterns, Solids, and all of them work so well with one another. 
Found At: Online at http://www.kortnijeane.com
Quality: This brand will hold up through one summer and Mutiple washes if washed correctly. Use cold water and rinse after every use. Do not put in the dryer, breaks down the material. 
Best Use: Swimming and playing in the water all summer. 
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 star

1. Love the separate pieces for my mini makes going to the bathroom a breeze. And changing those swim diapers even easier. 

2. Love that the bottoms come up high so you can cover that swim diaper underneath. 

3. Fits true to size. 

4. Love the coverage with the bottoms. Nothing hangs out. 

5. Kortni Jean's customer service is top notch! So easy to work with! 

1. If not washed correctly the material will break down and the straps will become stretched out and hang loose. This is not Kortni Jeane's fault this is normal to any swimsuit.