Ju-Ju-Be Review - Be Prepared and B.F.F Diaper Bags

When I was first introduced to Ju-Ju-Be, I was working at a baby boutique and a rep came in to tell us about this new brand. I was really impressed, Ju-Ju-Be thought of everything! They put a lot of thought and effort into each bag and the styles and prints are really cute. We reviewed the Be Prepared and B.F.F. Diaper Bags. In order to test the diaper bags we put a dirty number 2 diaper in the bag over night. Let's be honest we have all left a diaper in our bags overnight. When we woke up the diaper was  disgusting, but once the diaper was taken out you couldn't smell anything in the bag. The amazing bag didn't retain any smell. I love this bag more and more with every test we do. 
Every Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags come with these features:  
Telfon fabric protector that helps keep the stains off your bag
The interior has a Agion treatment that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mildew & mold
Insulated bottle pockets
The Mommy Pocket - the perfect place to store all your stuff separated from your baby
Machine Washable - air dry
All prints come with a lighter interior so you can see what is inside
Picture pocket for you to put pictures of your little ones
All hardware is metal

Be Prepared Diaper Bag 

About: A large cross-body diaper bag made to fit everything you need when you are out with your baby or babies. This is even great for an overnight trip to pack everything you baby will need. The main pocket is a full zip-down to open really big. Two insulated pockets on the inside. Interior mesh pockets that are color coded so you can determine which pocket is for which kid. The bottom is structured with luggage feet. Comes with a memory foam changing pad.
Price: $180 to $200 depending on the print 
Ease of Use: This bag is so organized - even when it is really stuffed, it is easy to find anything. The big pocket unzips down the side to and opens large for you to see everything.  Super easy to clean!! Everything wipes off and you can through the whole bag in the wash!
Looks: Available in 26 cute print options. There will definitely be at least one print that you love!
Found At: Online at http://www.shop.ju-ju-be.com/be-prepared/ and many major baby stores.
Quality: Amazing! This bag is made to last through multiple kids - The material looks great after tons of washes, all of the hardware is metal and the luggage feet keep the material from touching the ground. 
Best Use: This is the perfect bag if you want to Be Prepared for any situation!!
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 


1. I love the size! This is the perfect bag if you have multiple kids or are just an over packer like me. I love knowing that I have everything I need for any situation.

2. The Mommy Pocket is amazing! It is so organized and fits everything I need. The key clip comes on a long bungee so I always know where they are and never have to take my keys out of my bag ( I have a keyless start car). 

3.The shoulder strap is padded and is so comfortable. It is also adjustable. You can shorten it so that it fits great on your shoulder.

4. It is really cute! I got a ton of compliments!

5. All surfaces of the bag are wipeable so I can always keep it clean! And when it gets too dirty, I could just through it in the wash.

6. The insulated pockets really worked! It kept my water bottle cold all day!

1. I wish the tote handles were longer then they would fit perfectly over your shoulder to make a shoulder bag. I could fit the straps over my shoulder but it was a little uncomfortable. 

2. This bag is large and is not for you if you are looking for a smaller bag. Check out the B.F.F. Diaper bag if you are looking for a smaller model.

B.F.F. Diaper Bag

About: The BFF has tons of pockets and organization...so much you won’t know what to do with it all. The BFF comes with detachable shoulder straps and messenger straps. 
Price: $144.50 - $180.00
Ease of Use: Super easy to use and clean. Makes my Mom life so much easier. 
Looks: Comes in stylish patterns. Inside organization includes 4 gusseted pockets, 3 zippered pockets & lots of wide open space! Light-Colored Linings ... you can actually see what's inside; it's not just a big black hole in there.
Found At: Online at http://www.shop.ju-ju-be.com/b-f-f/, any major baby stores. 
Quality: Will last through multiple children. Sturdy!! You spend a little more up front but you won't be buying a new one every year. 
Best Use: Keeping yourself and your children organized. Making me not want to pull my hair out while trying to find something I need.
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 



1. Holds a breast pump perfectly. 

2. Makes all my O.C.D dreams come true. Works so well on not only organizing my child's stuff but also mine! 

3. Fits cloth diapers great. 

4. Crumb drains!!! Yes they did think of everything. 

5. Love that you can zip the zippers with one hand. Especially when your hands are full. 

6. Memory foam changing pad, and shoulder straps. 

7. Front mommy pocket holds keys (stretch key fob) and sunglasses (cleans lenses too!) with plenty of room for more! 

8. Light-Colored Linings ... you can actually see what's inside; it's not just a big black hole in there.

9. Machine Washable ... air dry.

1. More expensive then most diaper bags but literally with every penny. 

2. Being more plus size I had to have my straps more loose and found they came off a lot.