Chicka∙a∙dee Threads Review

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I think a lot of us tend to run to our local baby superstore or little children's store to buy a 3 pack of onesies because we go through them so quickly. You find stains you can't get out and end up tossing them. With Chicka∙a∙dee Threads you will find amazing durability. Stains came out easily. We literally had dirt, mud, sand, and of course baby food on this onesie and it all came out clean. You can't beat buying a couple of good quality onesies compared to buying multiple cheap ones.

About: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton bodysuit made using earth friendly inks and dyes  
Price: $22.00
Ease of Use: Easy to put over large heads. Easy to wash.
Looks: Modern and stylish. The designs are unique and not seen anywhere else. The perfect blend of baby sweetness and contemporary style without being overly cutesy or too grown up.
Found At: Online
Quality: This onesie is made to last. It's durable and made to go through multiple washings and even multiple children.
Best Use: Clothing your little one
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Why we like it

1. I noticed that these onesies are thick which are great for keeping the those little ones warm 

2. Will hold up through multiple children. Stains came out really easily and the designs don't come off when you wash it. 

3. My little one had a unique onesie on and it didn't look cheesy.

4. Chicka∙a∙dee's customer service was amazing. The owner is about the sweetest lady you have ever met. Makes supporting this great business even better.