Arvo Awristacrat Watch Reveiw

With so many electronics now days phone, laptops, and iPads we don't find a lot of people using watches anymore. The only memory of watches I have was my fathers huge, thick watch from the 80's. Well Arvo is not your 80's style watch. They actually create a unisex thin and stylish watch. I love being able to have the time on me and not be so reliable on my phone especially with my kids being around. 

The Awristacrat - Rose Case with Mahogany Band

About: 36mm face watch with a stainless steal case and mahogany genuine leather band. The watch face also says the day of the week and date of the month.
Price: $119.95
Ease of Use: Easy to wear anywhere you go and with any outfit.   
Looks: The design is simple and minimal. It is a beautiful and stylish piece to add to any outfit. The rose gold and mahogany compliments each other nicely. The Awristacrat is also available with a gold case and a nude or mahogany band; a polished copper case with a nude band; or a silver case with a black band.  Arvo also has other watch styles for the whole family.
Quality: Great quality and materials. The case is stainless steal and the band is genuine leather.
Best Use: Keeping track of the time of day and day of the week...which let's be honest, can be hard when you are trying to keep track of your little ones too!
Our Rating:  5 out of 5 stars


1. The Awristacrat is really comfortable! Even after wearing it all day, I could hardly tell I was wearing it.

2. Super thin. 

3. Unisex, love how simple these gorgeous watches are. 

4. Water resistant, yes I can do dishes and not take off my watch. 

5. Love that the watch fits tiny wrist and bigger wrist! Once again unisex watches. 

6. So nice to have an actually watch on makes teaching my 6 year old to tell time so much easier. 

1. My little one steals my watch all the time. I go into kiss her goodnight and its in her cute little wrist. 

2. Everyone will ask you where you got this watch. I may need to just write it on my forehead.