Wildbird Linen Ring Sling

I love babywearing! You can get so much done and still bond with your little one. There are some really great carriers out there. I only recently discovered the Wildbird ring sling...and I love it. 

100% linen ring sling made to carry newborns to toddlers. Comes in one size that fits most. You can wear your baby tummy to tummy, on the hip and the kangaroo carry (this is great because your baby can look forward). 
Price: $59.95 for the single layer linen sling; $99.95 for double layer linen sling
Ease of Use: Easy! I love that you get the comfort of the fabric without it being complicated to put on. 
Looks: Simple and classic look. There are 7 color options in the single layer and 3 color options in the double layer. 
Found At: Online at www.wildbird.co
Quality: Great quality! The material is a little stiff at first but gets softer with each wash. Machine washable on cold, lay flat to dry. 
Best Use: Wearing your baby anywhere, anytime! 
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


1. Each Wildbird ring sling is made is Salt Lake City, UT!  I love buying local. 

2.  The tutorials on Wildbird.co are great resources that show you how to safely  wear your baby in the sling. 

3. My baby and I love the kangaroo carry because she can look out front. 

4. Really comfortable and the fabric is breathable. I love wearing it! 


1. There is a lot of excess fabric that can get in the way. Wildbird shows you a great way to tuck the fabric that is really cute. 

2. With all babywearing you have to be careful that you are carrying your baby safety. (Again check out Wildbird's tutorials).