Prince Lionheart WheelyBUG

My daughter got the WheelyBUG for her first birthday and she loves it! Obviously she wasn't riding on it at that point but she would drag it behind her as she crawled. Now she rides and plays on it for hours. Since we got it, it is one of my favorite shower gifts to give!

About: Ride-on toy that provides hours of entertainment and fun for your little one. Comes in two sizes: small for 18 months+ and large for 3 years+. Can hold up to 50 lbs.
Price: Small size $75.00 and Large size $85.00
Ease of Use: The WheelyBUG is on multi-directional casters making it really easy to maneuver.
Looks: Super cute!! The WheelyBUG comes as a ladybug, bee, cow, mouse, tiger or pig.  
Found At: Many baby stores and online at  I have found it cheaper on Amazon.
Quality: Super heavy duty! My WheelyBUG has been through A LOT and is holding up great!
Best Use: Entertaining your little one!
Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

1. Great for kids of all ages...almost! Every kids that comes to my house find their way to play with the WheelyBUG. This is one of my favorite toys to play with my daughter.

2. The material of the seat is great because it cleans easily.

3. The wheels are the best!! Easy to maneuver for even those babies that are new to using it.

1. The small size is too small. I felt like my little one grew out of it rally fast. I would recommend to buy the large size.

2. The price. If you have more than one kid or can find it at a lower price, I think it is soooo worth it!

3. The seat is a little awkward, it is wide and it took my daughter a while to get used to riding it.