Plains Jane - simple & modern gown

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If you are like me, you dislike when all your child wants to wear are charter jammies. I feel like my kids would choose to always wear Anna and Elsa every day and night. I love that Plain Jane comes in such comfy and stylish nightgowns for your little lady. And that is not even the best part. Plain Jane's nightgowns are the most comfy things out there. My girls beg to get into them and cry when I make them change in the morning. Worth every  penny and more!!! 

About: The perfect modern-day gown. The gowns are made to be cozy, playful, simple and cute. Each gown is made to perfection out of high quality comfortable material. 
Price: $34.00
Ease of Use: Function is great, comfortable, and easy for even your little one to slip over their head. 
Looks: Fashionable and stylish gowns, that any little girl would love to sleep in. 
Found At: Online at
Quality: Made in the USA. Plain Jane gowns are 92% soft modal cotton and  8% spandex to give it that little stretch it needs. 
The Cloudy Stripe Gown is made out of 70% Bamboo 30% Organic Cotton.
Best Use: Pajamas or even day wear if your like us and some days getting out of your Jammies is not an option.
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

Why we like: 

1. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low-medium heat. They wanted to make these gowns not only soft and comfy-but durable enough for a little one to play in. All of the fabric is pre-shrunk! S

2. My little ones get so hot when sleeping and it's nice to have Plain Jane because they are the perfect blend for warmth but not too hot.

3. My little girls feel like a princess when they wear these to bed. 

4. Love a PJ that has a sleeve and keeps my little one covered. 

5. The quality is amazing. Will pass through multiple children. 

6. At Plaine Jane I felt like they valued my order. The staff at Plaine Jane was one of the best I have dealt with.