Nurselet - Essential Bracelet for Nursing Mom

Nursing is not always easy so when a company makes thing a little easier for me well you can't help but fall in love with them. 

A Mommy invented and Nursing Bracelet that helps Moms everywhere to secure her falling shirt on a baby during breastfeeding and pumping. When nursing is done, it can become her bracelet to remind which breast to use next.
Price: $12.00 
Ease of Use: Found the Nurselet was easy to manage on and off the shirt and easy switching sides. 
Looks: Love all their stylish patterns makes it easy to march with whatever your wearing for the day.
Found At: Online at
Quality: Made strong and durable. I think I open and closed that Velecore a million times and it still holds strong. 
Best Use: holding up your shirt when pumping or nursing. Also a bonus you put it on your wrist when your one it remind yourself what side of the breast to go to next. 
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

1. Being able to leave it on your wrist so you can remember what side you nursesed last on. 

2. Keeping your shirt from falling in your child's face. Especially if you tend to fall asleep on the job (been there). 

4. Even found hooking it to my diaper bag with my keys attached to it when I wasn't using it too. 

1. Wish they would of made this when I was nursing my other two babies. 

2. A little too thick for wearing it on my wrist. But I do have teeny wrist. Felt it fell of a lot.