Little Unicorn Rotunda Diaper Bag

I needed a change up my diaper bag because I was just getting tired of the same old bag. I wanted a cross body bag that looked like a purse but still was functional like a diaper bag. I went to a nearby department store and looked at every purse...the bags that I found were either too small or the perfect size but they weren't cross body (and that was a must). After striking out there, I went to a local baby boutique in hopes there was just the bag I was looking for...and I found it!
little unicorn Rotunda Diaper Bag

About: Diaper bag with cross body and shoulder straps. Made of wipeable vegans leather.  Comes with stroller clips, matching changing pad, 8 pockets and a padded pocket for your iPad.
Price: $85.00
Ease of Use: Easy! The bag is really structured, making it really easy to find items in the bag. The cross body strap is adjustable to fit just the way you like it and the shoulder straps are just the right size and easy to put on. With so many interior pockets, it is easy to keep organized
Looks: Available in Brown, Taupe, Black or Pomegranate.  Simple and classic design.
Found At: Online at
Quality: Great quality! The material has really held up and I haven't had any problems with the handles, straps or interior.
Best Use: Diaper bag or larger purse.
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

1. I love the shape! It is wider at the bottom and thinner at the top which makes it really comfortable when wearing over your shoulder.
2. I love that is really structured and has so many interior pockets - easy to keep organized.
3. It is stylish and the colors are perfect!
4. The bottom of the bag has silver pegs that keeps the leather from touching the ground.
5. The price! Great price for an amazing, stylish bag.

1. There is only a small zipper pocket on the outside it too small for me to fit my phone or my wallet. I am only able to hold my keys here. The only pocket I can put my stuff so it is separates from my baby's stuff, is in the iPad pocket...which isn't ideal when I have my iPad in that pocket.   

2. It is great that it comes with stroller clips but the straps are not the best quality. I have almost lost them on multiple occasions after I unhook my bag because they won't stay attached to my stroller.