Lil' Shopper Play Set

About: Let your little one become the little shopper in your home with the Lil' Shopper Play Set. This 6-piece set includes a variety of fruit, vegetable, and dairy products to stimulate your child's senses. Each food features a different texture plus crinkles, jingles, or chimes. Perfect for fill and spill activities, to take along on picnics, or any other type of fun. This includes a banana with crinkle peels, an open/close rattling orange, a chiming apple with crinkle leaf, a rattling crinkle cabbage, and a rattling milk carton with a peek-a-boo mirror. Comes with a soft, sturdy tote bag.
Price: $22.95
Ease of Use: Keeping your little one busy. We loved being able to use these in quiet situations like church or road trips. 
Looks: The toy itself is super adorable. The grocery bag is brown felt, the orange is a corduroy type material that opens to reveal the 'inside' of an orange. The banana is felt and the little peel has Velcro on the ends so you can peel and unpeel it. The apple is this silky spandex type material that has a sweet little jingle on the inside. The cauliflower has those crinkly leaves that babies seem to think are a drug because they just can't get enough of the sound, and the little milk jug is vinyl which opens up at the top to reveal a little mirror. So sweet and adorable
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Quality: Washes great and can be used over and over again. 
Best Use: For best ages 4 month to 9 months. 
Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 

1. Your little one uses their imagination. 

2. Doesn't take up a lot of space. 

3. Perfect for church or any quiet situation. 

4. Easy to clean in the washer machine. 


1. I have noticed that the colors bleed from the orange. Once my baby began to put the toys in his mouth, I saw that the color came off the orange when damp and transferred to her blanket and sheet. I did find once I washed everything in the laundry I didn't have one problem. 

2. Not all the food items fit into the green bag. 

3. Smaller then the pictures let on.