Ergo Performance Ventus Carrier

If you are like me, you have been dreaming of warmer weather. For me this has included daydreams of summer adventures using one of my favorite baby carriers, the Ergo Performance Ventus.

Ergo Performance Ventus Carrier

About: Lightweight baby carrier with three positions: back, front and hip. For babies 7lbs (with newborn insert) to 45 lbs.  
Price: $140
Ease of Use: Easy to use in all three positions. The waist band strap is extra long, which can get in the way when not tucked in.
Looks: Comes in graphite and purple. The front is mesh. Looks really cute on.
Quality: Great quality! Stitching is reinforced making the carrier really durable. The carrier is machine washable and holds up after multiple washes.  
Best Use: Carrier for active moms
Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

1. Comfortable for baby and mom/dad. The padding on the shoulders and the distribution of weight makes it REALLY comfortable...similar to the original Ergo.

2. Lightweight - this is great when you are on an adventures because it keeps both you and your baby cool.  Also, it is folds up small and can fit easier than most carriers in your diaper bag.

3. All straps are adjustable so you can get the perfect fit.



1. The carrier doesn't come with a cover to go over the mesh so I don't like to use this carrier in the winter because it gets too cold.

2. The mesh isn't as breathable as it looks in the photos. It is still not ideal for those who live in warm climates. Perhaps if the holes were larger, or if there was a thinner layer of mesh it would be more suitable for hot weather.

3. The hood pocket is small and there isn't a pocket for you to hold any of your stuff.  

4. The mesh is significantly higher so won't fit a tiny baby. So around a 4 month plus baby would fit better.