Tubby Todd - Hair & body wash

Part of this job is to find cons and pro of all items. But I will say that with Tubby Tod I didn't have anything negative to say other then wanting a bigger size!! Thanks Tubby Tod for making a product that works for me and my family. 

About: Hair and body wash that is pure, hypoallergenic wash that really lathers like it matters! Packed with natural extracts and plant-based ingredients, our exclusive Botanical Shield formula softens, cleans, and moisturizes your little one.
Price: $12.99 
Ease of Use: Perfect size for travel or home.
Looks: Umm the bottle is adorable and the art work and label is too cute. But that's just the half it. The product is amazing. 
Found At: Online at http://tubbytodd.com or if your local to Utah find it at The Baby Chubby http://www.babycubby.com
Quality: All-natural Lavender and Rosemary fragrance. It smells slightly sweet and fruity, with hints of coconut, lavender, and tropical goodness.
Best Use: Cleans, conditions, and moisturizers the skin and hair. 
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


1. BPA free bottles. 100% fragrance free, still has a smell but they are all natural. 100% paraben free. And gluten free. 

2. A little goes a long way!! So a whole bottle last as a long time. 

3. My babies cradle cap cleared up within the week!  

4. All I have to say is WHAT eczema! I have tried everything for my poor babies legs and nothing works. Everyday her legs looked better and better! With adding the lotion it was amazing how fast it started looking better. 

5. Made in the U.S.A 


1. Wish it came in a gallon size bottle!! Love this stuff.