Pacifier Clips - Chewbeads and LouLouLollipop

I think I have mentioned countless time that my kids are binky babies. And I may know a two or thing about loosing way too many binkies to count. So my biggest problem with binkies is they don't hook well and my baby can pull them off. So if a binky clip can stay on my little one it's a win for me and my wallet. 

About: LouLouLollipop Binky straps are made out of colorful, silicone beads that can be used to teethe or soothe baby and keep Binky close. 
Price: The basic beaded strap with multi-colors is $11.00. You can also make a customized strap for just $3.00 more. Shipping is $3.00. They cost a few dollars more than fabric binky straps, however, I think they are worth the extra for a nicer looking strap that can also count as a soother and toy. 
Ease of use: Just clip on and wipe off when needed. 
Looks: The soft, silicone beads are made of happy pastel colors. You can choose from multi-colored, to gender specific, to one color. They come on a white string, which does dirty quickly.
Found at: Etsy shop, LouLouLollipopfinery
Quality: I found the quality to be great. The clip grip is strong and my 12 month old could not pull it off her clothes. The beads are made of silicone so they are slightly sticky, therefore they do collect hairs and dust, but it wipes clean. 
Best Use: This is a multi-purpose item. Initially, my baby loved sucking on the beads The first day she wore it she didn't nap because she was so distracted by her new "toy." The novelty wore off after a few days, however. What I did like about it is she finally learned to put her binky in her mouth in the middle of the night because it was easy for her to find the beads, and subsequently her binky. My new favorite binky strap.

Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Why we like we didn't like it:

1. The only thing that would make this better is if there was a shorter strap. It is very long, hangs on the ground, and picks up hair and dirt. It also got stuck behind her neck while sleeping and then Led to her waking up because she couldn't get her binky. Otherwise, it is a wonderful product and looks much nicer and cleaner than the many other binky straps I have used. 

Chewbeads Baby: Where's the Pacifier?" Clip

About:  100% silicone pacifier clip to attach your baby's binky to their clothes. A few of the beads are glow in the dark. 
Price: $15.00
Ease of Use: Easy to use and to clean - just use soap and water.
Looks: There are four different style options - 1) Pink and purple chewbeads with a heart clip; 2) light and dark blue chewbeads with a badge clip; 3) grey and yellow chewbeads with a dinosaur clip; and 4) pink and yellow chewbeads with a butterfly clip. The shape that covers the clip is made out of silicone. It is really cute but too bulky making it very easy for anyone to take off...including your baby. My little girl was about 7 months when I started using this clip and she was able to take it off her clothes after only a few days of wearing it. I could never keep it on her after she figured out how to take it off. Comes in glow in the dark to help your little one find it at night. 
Found At: Some baby stores and online at
Quality: The silicone is BPA free and contains no phthalates, cadmium, lead or metals. The beads are attached together with a ribbon which keeps the bead secure. You may have heard of a recent recall on their binky clips - a piece was breaking causing the beads to detach which was a choking hazard; but this applies only to those sold between September 2014 to June 2015. I have not had any problems with my binky clip and it is holding up well.
Best Use: Keeping the pacifier safe from getting lost and finding the binky in the dark.
Our Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

 Why we like didn't like it: 

1. This is a great binky clip for younger babies that aren't able to remove it form their clothes.