LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag

When I got my first diaper bag, it was all about style. I got an amazing designer bag that I love. It was fashionable and pretty functional. However, when my little one started walking, I needed a new bag that gave me the option to be more hands free as my previous bag just had shoulder straps. I also needed a bag that was lightweight as my bag was leather and really heavy.  I found a great diaper bag that is lightweight, functional and cute. 

About: 100% nylon over the shoulder diaper bag with shoulder straps too. Zipper pockets for the main pocket and a front pocket. There is a back pocket, with a changing pad, two side pockets and two interior pocket.  I love that it has the side pockets for bottles, but I wish they were insulated.
Price: $138 to $168
Ease of Use: Easy to use and clean
Looks: Comes in black and a variety of prints. At LeSportsac.com there are 9 print options and on Amazon there are 20 color options. I think a few prints that are a little cheesy, but there are lots of options and I am sure at lease one will be your style. Amazon also has a few prints that are priced as low as $70.
Found At: Some department stores, online stores like Amazon and online at https://www.lesportsac.com/Ryan_Baby_Bag 
Quality: Good quality! My bag hasn't shown any signs of wear but there are some stitching that is coming undone on the handles.
Best Use: Diaper bag for babies of all ages.
Our Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Why we like it: 
1. I love the size of the main pocket and that has a zipper! It is perfect to bring all of the stuff you need without too much room so you end up packing way too much. I would like the bag even better if there were more interior pockets.
2. My favorite thing about this bag is that it is so lightweight while still holding its shape better than expected for a nylon bag.

3. I love how easily it cleans. I have spilled on it multiple times and it still looks great.