JJ Cole Original Bundleme

Such a great way to keep your little one warm in the stroller or car seat when your feeling cooped up in the winter. Plus not having your blanket fall off in the stroller is an even better. Please read the Cons before you put your child in the bundle me in a car seat.

JJ Cole Original Bundleme

About: A comfy insert for your car seat, stroller or jogger that will keep your baby warm!
Price: Infant size (up to 21 lbs) $39.95; Toddler (1-3 years) $49.95
Ease of Use: Easy to insert in your cer seat, or stroller. The top part of the bundleme can be removed easily to allow you to adjust the temperature.  
Looks: Comes in 8 color options
Found At: Most baby stores including Buybuy Baby and Babies R Us. Also available online
Quality: Great quality, holds up after multiple washes.  
Best Use: To keep your baby warm while in the car seat or stroller
Our Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


1. The zipper makes it so easy to bundle your baby.

2. Machine washable. I have washed and dried my so many times and it still looks great!

3. It completely covers your baby and the zipper keeps it in place. 

4. So nice not to dress and undress your child every time you go outside. 


1. It can get too hot, especially when you are driving for while in the car. After the car has heated up, I pull the top part of the Bundleme down or completely off my baby depending on the temperature. -Be careful of overheating your little ones can't control and regulate their temputure. 

2. My infant seat is the Peg Perego 30/30 and it has the side impact head rest. The Bundleme doesn't fit as easily over this head rest.  

3. From another reader - We put our baby in his infant carrier to leave the hospital, we had the bundle me in place as it was January. They would not let us leave the hospital with the bundle me because they said it was unsafe as it could compress in an accident, making the straps effectively looser on the baby. They recommended putting blankets on top of the baby. Save your money--plain old blankets work just fine and then can be used at whatever location you are taking your baby to. We kept ours for the stroller and find that useful, but it is so bulky up top that it seems to be always either in his face, or folded down in such a way that it looks like his chest will get cold.

4. These will keep your child warm BUT are NOT APPROVED for use with most car seats. You should not put anything between the baby and the seat. These are so padded that your child could be ejected from their car seat in a collision (caused by materials compressing -- same reasoning why children should never have a puffy winter coat on their child when they are strapped into the car seat.