Ergo - Natural curve, nursing pillow

Here we are again talking about breastfeeding. I love nursing my little one!! The best part is when you find something that makes your long nights and days of breastfeeding a little bit easier. This week we reviewed the double sided Boppy and hated every moment of it. But with the Ergo it was nice not to feel so frustrated. Let's see how it stacks up. 

About: Ergo pillows provides nursing mothers with the support they need to nurse comfortable and get the support they need. 
Price: $70.00 (a little too pricey for me, especially for a pillow) 
Ease of Use: Very easy to use, and get into place when in a hurry. Did wish it had a handle. Very hard to use one handed. 
Looks: Very generic colors, but I love that because it's gender neutral. 
Found At: Online at
Quality: The stiching is strong and will hold up through multiple children. 
Best Use: For support while nursing. 
Our Rating: 3 out of 5 stars 

Cons -

1. Kept wishing it had some sort of handle to grab the pillow with. To thick to just grab with one hand. 

2. If you like to nurse your baby in the football nursing position then this pillow does not accommodate that. 

3. Wish it was longer so I had a place to rest my arms/elbows. Elbows that sounds weird!! 

4. If you have large breast it's frustrating to nurse with because your little one is so much higher up with the pillow. Making it really hard and back breaking. I found myself leaning back to accomadate my larger breast. 

5. Not great for tummy time. Too high and it would knock over easy. 

Pros - 

1. Created a great firm and supportive position.

2. Accomadates smaller and larger babies easily. Will work great for babies even up to a year. 

3. The curve in the pillow made it so baby didn't get distracted as easily because she could see out. 

4. The pillow is stiffer so it made me sit up straighter causing less back pain with this baby. 

5. The fabric is strong and the stitching is seen well. Holds up to multiple washes, (we'll 15 to be exact).