Double Sided Bobby

I have mentioned I loved nursing and found it easy and able to nurse anywhere. But when reviewing the double sided Boppy I felt frustrated and found it harder to breastfeed. Found myself going back to the original Boppy. Sometimes the original is better!! 

Double Sided Boppy

About: Two distinct feeding surfaces mean you can choose the support you need while you’re breastfeeding and bonding with baby. The firm surface features a soft minky fabric and provides a stable platform for breastfeeding, while the softer fiberfill side offers a more snuggly surface as baby grows. The firm surface features a contoured foam edge design that helps baby turn towards mom for an easier latch. 
Price: $45.00
Ease of Use: Found using the strap to hook around your waste was hard to use and tighten. And once you got it hooked it came undone so easily. Not mention trying to hook it at night. 
Looks: Bulky and too thick.
Found At: Online at
Quality: The material came undone very easily. Doesn't was easy. 
Best Use: Nursing or using for babies tummy time. 
Our Rating: 0 out of 5 stars 

Why we don't like it: 

1. To thick for people with smaller middle sections. Makes the baby sit too high. 

2. Left a gap between yourself and the boppy. Made it easy for your little to slip in between. 

3. The stiching was cheap and came undone. 

4. The strap doesn't stay tight found it slipping and coming loose. 

5. Can't replace the cover. 

6. So stiff.

8. Can't use for tummy time for your little one to thick. 

9. Hard to hook in the middle of the night.