Bemis Next Step Potty Seat SLOW Closing

About: Next Step molded wood Round Front Toilet Seat is perfect for the family with a new user of the bathroom. The toliet seat is a blend in utility without taking away from the bathrooms aesthetic. With the inclusion of the integrated child toilet seat, you no longer have to worry about the additional seats or separate potty training toilets in the bathroom. The child seat stores with ease magnetically under the cover until needed. Molded Wood with Smooth Enamel Finish Color matched bumpers and matching hinges Integrated Child Training Seat Child Seat stores magnetically under the cover Round Front Seat
Price: $39.97 
Ease of Use: Easy to use and clean!! 
Looks: Closed front with cover, round, molded wood, multi-coat enamel finish toilet seat Features two color-matched bumpers. 
Found At: Online and Home Depot 
Quality: Sturdy and made to last through multiple children. 
Best Use: Potty training and making your little one feel comfortable. Taking up less room in tiny spots. 
Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 


1. Even my 18month old can sit the seat down and feel comfortable. Making potty training easier and faster. 

2. Easy to install (just hand it to your husband) 

4. You can pick up at any local store. 

4. Fits into all bathroom decor. No Elmo or ugly potty chairs. 

5. Your little one feels grown up. 


1. Customers have mentioned that their seats have retained the smell of urine. I have not had a problem with that but I also don't have boys that like to urine every where. 

2. With my first bemis seat back in 2010 the seat would never stay hooked but now Bemis said they have redone their hooks and they are better and stay hooked.