Pwei Ybike

This bike is adorable and functions incredible. My one downside would be the price. But if you take function over the price it's worth every penny.

About: Ages 9 to 36 months. Max Weight 44lbs, Product weight: 4lbs. Works great to assist your child from walking to sitting and using their leg muscles and coordination. 
Price: $64.99 (don't choke) Target $44.99
Ease of Use: Easy to use for ages 9-36 months. 
Looks: Non-marking casters reduces wear on floors. Comes in red, blue, and pink. 
Quality: Great quality! This bike is made to last. 
Best Use: Builds key motor skills including balance, coordination and body space awareness. 
Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 

Why we like it

1. Builds strength and confidence.

2. Multi-directional 360 casters.

3. Love that the wheels glide making it easy for your little one to move anywhere. Even out of the tricky corners. 

4. It's doesn't fold up for easy put away. But what I love is that it's not an ugly and bulky item. I don't mind leaving it out. 

5. Will last through multiple children. Heavy duty.