My Milkies - milk savers

I purchased this product because I had a problem with engorgement and over-supply the first few weeks after my baby was born and was going through nursing pads quickly with feeds, and even then I frequently soaked my shirt (and my child). It was appealing to catch the extra milk so that I could avoid wasting it and use fewer pads. I purchased just one and used it on the side opposite from the one I fed my baby, just during feeds at night, when my breasts were most leaky. I found it to bulky to wear at other times.

About: Ability to collect milk instead of have it wasted all over my shirt - I collected as much as 2-3 oz per feed during nightly feeds.
Price: $27.95
Ease of Use: I was able to tuck it into my bra for hands-free use.
Looks: Milkies lay flat and not noticeable from the outside of your shirt. 
Quality: Heavy duty - holds up to washing, repeated use. Easy to clean.
Best Use: Catching extra milk, instead of using a regular nursing pad and wasting your milk.
Our Rating: 3 out of 5 stars 

Why we like it: 

1. It does what it says - catches milk without leaking (although it will spill if you lean forward)

2. Collects mostly foremilk/hindmilk. 

3. So nice not to pump!!!!!

Why we didn't like it: 

1. Expensive - in retrospect, my over-supply got better after about 3 weeks and I feel I could have done without this for the price.

2.  It encourages release of milk - Now that my over-supply issue is resolving, I now realize that keeping light pressure on the side opposite from that which I nurse prevents leakage of milk, even with let-down. However if I wear this device the nipple is exposed and more milk leaks out than would have done otherwise. It is my preference to prevent leakage altogether, as collecting milk with every feed from the opposite breast only leads to more issues with over-supply.
3. Collecting milk this way is a hassle - Going to the kitchen to poor the milk into a bag for storage and then rinsing off the product was not very appealing in the middle of the night, when I was most likely to collect milk this way. After a while, I found it easier to pump once daily to get the milk I needed for when I was away. As my problem with over-supply resolved, I find I no longer need this product to prevent the mess of milk leaking from my breast, and I no longer needed so many nursing pads either.
4. Too bulky to wear continuously. If you are an A or B cup these may be too big for you.