Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch

If your diaper bag is anything like mine, it is too full and is sometimes impossible to find something that you need right when you need it. I use baby wipes the most but somehow they can be the hardest to find. We found the perfect product the keeps your wipes right where you need them, with the diapers and changing pad.  

Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch
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About: A diaper clutch that opens into a changing pad with attached storage that can hold diapers (up to 3 diapers) and wipes. The wipes are stored under an elastic which holds the wipes in place but you don't need to remove the wipes from the clutch. The wipes are easily accessible when the clutch is open or closed. When the diaper clutch is open, there is a padded area for your baby's head and the wipes and diaper storage is near your baby's feet...the perfect spot! 
Price: $59.00
Ease of Use: Easy! This is all you need to bring with you to change your baby's diaper. Easy to clean, just need to wipe down with soapy water. 
Looks: Available in 5 cute prints. 
Quality: Great quality! 
Best Use: This is an essential for your diaper bag! 
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

Why we like it: 

1. My favorite part about this diaper clutch is the placement of wipes holder. It is so convenient and easy to grab your wipes when you are changing your babies diaper. And the wipes are even accessible when the clutch is closed.

2. I love that the diaper clutch closes with magnets.

3. It is a little more expensive than other diaper clutches, but it is the only one I have seen like it and is worth the extra money.

4. The strap makes it easy to transport.

5. I love that the changing pad is so wide.

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