Little Things Happy - Peg Dolls

It was my niece's birthday and I was in charge of the cake. I am not talented in the creative department so I called Tomi, the owner of the Etsy shop littlethingsHapppy . Not to mention I waited until the last minute to order. My little niece was so excited to have them on her cake and was even more excited she got to play with them after her party. 

About: All handmade peg dolls. They are custom made and can be anything from your little family to your child's favorite princess.  
Price: $10.00 - $15.00 a peg doll. 
Ease of Use: Easy to use and clean. 
Looks: You can customize your peg dolls to whatever you want. The creator is so talented you can dream up whatever you want. 
Quality: Sturdy and great quality. 
Best Use: Playing, decorating, whatever you can think of.
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

Why we like it: 

1. I had a custom order. They  were able to rush it and it still looked amazing. 

2. Love that it has a multiple purpose function. 

3. My niece takes them everywhere and now has started a collection of peg dolls. 

4. Great for boys and girls. 

5. Working with Tomi was fantastic.