4moms - mamaRoo

Getting ready for my first baby was a little overwhelming. Babies come with a lot of stuff and soon the nursery felt crowed and my baby wasn't even here yet. When I was looking for a swing, there were a lot of options but they were all too big for the amount of space I had left in my nursery. I had seen the mamaRoo around, it looked really cool but was it worth the money....Yes!  

About: An infant seat that moves just like you do...it bounces and sways. There are five different motions and five different speed settings. You can plug in your phone to play music or there are four different sounds that are built in that you can play. The seat adjusts into a reclined and upright position. 
Price: $239.99 to $269.99 depending on the fabric of the seat, classic or plush. 
Ease of Use: Controls are really easy to use. The fabric can be removed with just a zipper and you can machine wash the seat. mamRoo is easy to put together and take apart so that you can store it. 
Looks: Comes in black and grey canvas fabric and multi-color and silver plush fabric. I would recommend the dark color since it holds up and washes easier. 
Found At: Most baby stores and online at www.4moms.com
Quality: Great quality. The 
Best Use: Soothing your baby and helping them sleep more soundly. 
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 

Why we like it: 

1. This was my most favorite thing when my baby was a newborn. My baby loved it! Sometimes it was the only thing that would calm her down when she was fussy.

2. This is the perfect baby seat if you don't have a lot of room.

3.  I love that it is low to the ground so that it is out of the way. 

4. Easy to clean and wash. 

5. Love if you have a sibling and they are interested touching the mamaRoo. Their little fingers won't get stuck. It has a gap around the edge so little fingers are safe. 

6. Love how the mobile on top can switch from black and white to colors as your child grows older. 

7. Love the options for your little one being able to sit up higher or lower. Nice for acid reflux or any other problems your little one may have. 

8. Well and best reason of all you can put your little one in there and get a nap in while they sleep. Best thing ever!!!