During the first few months with a new baby sleep is always on your mind...how to get your newborn to sleep through the night so that you can sleep through the night too.  My daughter loved to be swaddled and would sleep way better when she was swaddled. The Woombie was the best at keeping my baby swaddled and sleeping! 

About:  Lightweight zip up cotton/spandex swaddle. 
Price: $25.00
Ease of Use: Really easy to put on and take off. There are not snaps or ties. Just a zipper and a little Velcro to keep the zipper from scratching your baby's face. 
Looks: Available in lots of color and print options 
Found At: Most baby stores and online. Check them out on www.woombie.com
Quality: The quality is great! I bought my Woombie used at a garage sale, used it almost every night and washed it a few times a week. It held it shape, the fabric looked almost new and I had no problem with the zipper. 
Best Use:  Best at keeping baby sleeping better and safer. 
Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Why we like it:

1. It keeps your baby swaddled! At first I would do the double swaddle with the Woombie as the outer swaddle. It would be keep the inner swaddle tight  

2. It is really hard to break out of the Woombie. The closest my daughter got was getting one arm out of the neck of the Woombie. 

3. I love that babies can move their arms and legs in the Woombie but not enough that their movements will wake them. This is great for self soothing because they can touch their hands together. 

4. I love that it comes in bigger sizes! 

5.  I love that it is safe when used properly. For example, if it is a little long, make sure the extra fabric is not bunched up around heir face. For more info, watch the video on their website.